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Game available on Play Store for free - install link Just type 'Blokish' in Google Play Store search engine. Or follow the QR code.

Rules of the game Blokus Classic

Look at the rules of the Blokus game explained on wikipedia. The game is based on pieces in shape of polyominos.

A board with 20 * 20 squares.

4 players having each 21 pieces : 1 single-square, 1 domino, 2 triominos, 5 tetraminos and 12 pentaminos

As player, I shall place on the board most of my pieces.

For first round, I must place a piece so that it touches one of the corners of the board, see figure

Next, a piece must be placed so that it touches a corner of one of my own pieces. It may touch several corners, but never any side of my pieces!

If a cannot place any more piece I pass my turn.

The end of the game is reached when every player passes.

My score is : cumulation of the squares of the pieces I placed

How to to play with Android Blokish app - Demo

Schroll through your remaining piece with you finger from left to right

Select an drag a piece onto the board. You can now drag it arround easily putting the finger on the grey circle

Rotate the piece using one the handles

You can flip the piece to its mirror position : with a long press on the piece

You can cancel with the red button. It will replace the piece in your store.

When the move is valid a green 'ok' button appears. You can commit the move by clicking it!

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Free/Libre and Open Source software - Licence GPL v3

Source code is available on github :

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stephane coutant